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Chubbsafes DuoGuard Eurograde 1 High Security Key Lock Safe

Chubbsafes DuoGuard Eurograde 1 High Security Key Lock Safe

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Chubbsafes DuoGuard Grade 1 - Key Lock Safe


The Chubbsafes DuoGuard Eurograde 1 Safe is Police Approved, Insurance Tested, and Fire Resistant with 60 minutes of protection for paper documents. It provides burglary protection rated to EN 1143-1 T2 and fire resistance rated to EN 1047-1 S60P, and is secured with a high security key lock. With insurance ratings of £10,000 for cash and £100,000 for valuables, this safe is the ideal choice for businesses looking to protect their valuable possessions. Its Dualite torch-resistant barrier material provides robust security with a reduced weight for easy installation. Certified by ECB-S and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, The Chubbsafes DuoGuard creates a safe and secure environment in any office or retail setting.


During an independent testing process, our safes are exposed to a series of more sophisticated and powerful tools like a new generation of circular saws and thermal lances to check our products’ ability to resist them. This upgrade guarantees the highest current performance in physical security.


New composite, Dualite torch-resistant barrier material to ensure dual protection while reducing total weight to minimize transport and installation cost, and to support above-ground floor installations.


Sustainable development goals are increasingly important both to us and to a wider audience. We list sustainability very highly on our agenda, setting high standards for our products, our employee working conditions, and the environment in which we live.

Key Specifications:

  • Certification Standard: EN 1143-1 T2; EN 1047-1 and NT Fire 017
  • Protection or Resistance Level: Grade I T2 and S 60 P; Grade II T2 and 90 min Paper
  • Certification Body: ECB•S and SP
  • Type of resistance: Burglary, Fire
  • Lock types: Key Lock, Electronic lock, Combination Lock
  • Valuables to protect: Cash, Documents, Data Media, Collectables, Jewellery, Other valuables

Tested And Certified:

This Chubbsafe Home Security Safe has been tested by ECB.S to ensure it meets the highest standard for insurance ratings. ECB.S, a globally respected certification body, thoroughly examines each safe’s security features, providing a rating for each accordingly. Moreover, this safe is approved by AIS, the Association of Insurance Surveyors. This type of approval is accepted by all insurance brokers, as it portrays the immense strength and durability of the safe.